recruitment process.

Client Briefing

We obtain a comprehensive briefing from our clients before embarking on each and every recruitment process. Our Consultants examine the position description, person and competency profile and get a feel for the organisational culture and right candidate “fit”. The client’s preferred appointment process and approach is discussed and timeframes agreed prior to commencement. Our Consultants are able to advise on remuneration levels, and where to find the right people, based on their knowledge of the market

Candidate Search

We are able to identify a selection of suitably qualified candidates through executive search as well as our comprehensive recruitment database and extensive networks locally, nationally and worldwide.


Where necessary, we undertake advertised searches written in a style that reflects the client's business objectives and cultural feel. All text and advertising costs are pre-approved by the client. We have a service agreement with our advertising agency which gives us access to highly competitive rates.


Candidates must pass our initial screening before any further evaluations are carried out. No candidate is progressed until the Consultants are convinced that the candidate is seriously interested in pursuing the position and is well suited to both the role and the organisation's culture.

Upon first meeting a candidate, we sight proof of their eligibility to work in New Zealand and gain their consent to undertake background checking if required.

Assessment Techniques

Prior to commencing each individual assignment, the Consultants identify the client's specific requirements to ensure agreement on the interview process and assessment procedures to be followed.
We advocate the use of structured interview techniques and believe that interviewing should form only part of the assessment and recruitment process. It should be complemented by in-depth reference checking and may include personality assessment and aptitude testing to validate verbal and numerical critical reasoning.

Candidate Report

Each shortlisted candidate will be submitted to the client with a full Candidate Report. This covers the candidate's background and interest in the position, evaluation of competencies, other relevant information and an overall assessment. A summary and recommendation statement from the Consultant concludes each report.


Reference Checking

At least two verbatim referee statements are completed for the preferred candidate(s) with people to whom the candidate has reported directly. These cover the candidate's strengths, work-related abilities, skills and areas for personal development. We can also assist in providing thorough background checks, including but not limited to, verification of educational qualifications, Police, ACC and credit checks. 

Placement and Performance Guarantees

We provide a minimum three-month guarantee period for each appointment. The guarantee will vary according to the level of the position and is detailed in our normal Business Terms and Conditions.